Drydock Hall

8,700 SF

galley west

5,500 SF

the loft

14,400 SF

seminar room

2,428 SF

Drydock Hall

1 Design Center Place, Suite 21-110 West
Boston, MA 02210


Space Details

Aesthetic: Hip and industrial
Best for: Large functions, galas, receptions. Space is blank slate for setup/design.
Location: Boston Design Center, 1st Floor, off Promenade
Guest entrance: BDC East Entrance
Views: North, facing Drydock Avenue
Capacity: 602 standing, 502 lecture, 402 rounds
Door size (WxH):

  • Promenade entries: 66.5” x 105.5”

  • Side sliders 62” x 98.5”

  • Load In: 67" x 95”

  • Kitchenette 67” x 95.5”

Size: 8,700 sf
ocation of loading dock: 19 Drydock Ave
Restrooms: Adjacent to venue


Acoustical treatment: panels
A/V: 2 HD projectors, 2 automated screens (15’W x 9’H), HDMI connection
Furniture: 4 metal trash bins. Curtains which allow for custom sizing.
Lighting: large and small over head pendant lighting,
WiFi: Yes


Galley West

1 Design Center Place, Suite 200
Boston, MA 02210


Space Details

Aesthetic: Open and inviting
Best for: reception-style gathering with no formal program
Location: Boston Design Center, 2nd Floor, across from Market Stalls
Guest entrance: BDC West Entrance
Views: North, facing Drydock Avenue
Capacity: 360 standing
Size: 5,500 sf
Location of loading dock and freight elevators: 19 Drydock Ave, 400 feet from venue
Door size (WxH): Left, 70.75" x 93.5". Right, 70.75" x 93".


Acoustical treatment: None
A/V: None

  • one rustic wood work table (24’L x 4’W x 34”H)

  • one wood and glass cabinet (12’L x 26”W x 35”H)

  • four metal trash bins 

  • eight wood top/metal base high top tables 

  • 16 cafe tables

  • 55 chairs

Lighting: fluorescent fixtures hanging from ceiling, industrial-inspired sconces with Edison bulbs on columns. Controlled by two switches near back of house area
WiFi: Yes



The Loft

1 Design Center Place, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02210


Space Details

Aesthetic: Raw and inspiring
Best for: creating your own experience from scratch
Location: Boston Design Center, 5th Floor
Guest entrance: BDC West Entrance
Views: South, West and North, facing Downtown Boston and the Harbor
Capacity: 571 standing
Size: 14,400 sf
Door size (WxH): 62” x 95” (main) and 62” x 94” (side)
Location of loading dock and freight elevators: 19 Drydock Ave, 400 feet from venue
Restrooms: 200 feet from venue, renovated in 2014


Acoustical treatment: 20 white panels attached to ceiling to absorb sound near projectors
A/V: None
Furniture: None
Lighting: white can-shaped fixtures hanging from ceiling, controlled by four switches near main door
WiFi: Yes


The Seminar Room

1 Design Place, Suite 448
Boston, MA 02210


Space Details

Aesthetic: Warm & Welcoming
Best for: Hosting meetings, conference seminars, panel discussions
Location: Boston Design Center, 4th floor, Suite 448
Guest entrance: BDC East Entrance
Views: South facing cruise ship terminal/Black Falcon Ave.
Capacity: 85 standing
Size: 2,428 sf
Restrooms: 200 ft from the venue


Furniture: 85 chairs, 1 stage under screen, 1 podium, 3 small black trash cans
A/V: 1 HD Projector, 1 Apple TV,
1 Automated Screen (10’W x 8’H), HDMI connection, built in sound system, 4 lavalier microphones, 2 handheld microphones
WiFi: Yes


Building Map

1 Design Center Place &
21-23-25 Drydock Avenue



1 Design Center Place & 21-23-25 Drydock Avenue

The Innovation and Design Building is located on the Boston waterfront in the Seaport neighborhood.   

  • Five MBTA Silver Line stations on site with five minute intervals at rush hour 

  • MBTA bus routes with connections throughout Boston and the South Boston Waterfront 

    • Route #4 - North Station to South Station to the IDB 

    • Route #7 - City Point to Downtown Crossing, connects to South Station and South Boston via Summer Street

  • Bike racks located on site 

  • Two Hubway bike share stations located on Drydock Avenue

  • Two minute drive to I-90 

  • Five minute drive to I-93